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Tyler & Tiffany
Michael & Sydney
Tim & Tessa
Jonathan & Sara

All-Inclusive Package  |  $3500 + tax

Start with our base and select your add-ons from there

  • Cinematic Highlight Film (4-6 minutes)

  • Drone Footage (used in the Highlight Film) - We are officially FAA licensed to operate professional drones

  • Footage from the ceremony, speeches, and special dances edited into their own separate videos, documented entirely

  • Full day coverage (no extra charge for longer weddings - we will be there for all the day's main events)

  • Delivered digitally through Google Drive & physically via custom, engraved flash drive



Feature Film  |  $500

Upgrade from a Highlight Film (4-6 minutes) to a

Feature Film (7-10 minutes) for better coverage

of your wedding and allow us to use more footage

Family Interviews  |  $500

We will pull family members aside for less than

1-2 minutes each to give a chance to say some

words from the heart about the bride and groom

on camera - edited into its own separate film

Slow Motion Booth  |  $400

Have fun during the reception in front of a

white backdrop and a super slow-motion camera

with confetti, streamers, poppers, etc.

(used in the Highlight)

Love Story  |  $400

Sitting down and telling the story of

how you two met and fell in love

Adds 1-2 minutes to the final video

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